Oster Lang Architects is a well-known architectural partnership based in Jerusalem, with projects throughout Israel.

Since our office was established in 1997, we have developed a specialization in different types of public projects of varying degrees of complexity, including community centers, schools, and synagogues. We have also gained extensive experience in residential projects, both new construction and adaptations of historic, landmark buildings. In fact, one of our trademarks is the juxtaposition of wonderfully contemporary design with the rich textured fabric of old construction. In the past few years, we have become involved in sustainable architecture, and are interested in sensitizing our clients to this important component of contemporary architecture.

Regardless of the project's size or complexity, Oster, Lang Architects directs it from the first concept, through planning and execution, down to the detail of the very last light bulb.






Eli Oster
eli oster
Eli Oster studied architecture in C.C.N.Y. He came to Israel from Miami Beach, Florida. He lives in Jerusalem.

Yvan Lang
yvan lang
Yvan Lang studied architecture in Stasbourg, France. He came to Israel 12 years ago and lives in the new city of Modiin
Yvan Lang   Eli Oster
 36 Nahal Dalia St., Modi'in  13 Shimoni St., Jerusalem
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